BRAVE Ambassador Alaina Kemp


Ms. Alaina Kemp is a Child and Adolescent therapist- specializing in trauma, residing in Rock Hill, South Carolina. She attended University of Georgia for undergrad and earned her masters in social work at the University of South Carolina.

Alaina was diagnosed initially diagnosed with stage two breast cancer but additional testing revealed that she in fact had stage three breast cancer (Invasive Ductal Carcinoma) at 31 years old. Alaina's oncologist and team decided that the best treatment route for me was a long one. She immediately started combating breast cancer with six months of chemotherapy, received a double mastectomy, underwent six weeks of radiation, then completed reconstruction surgery.




She did all this while continuing to work full time with just six weeks off to recover from surgery (one of the silver linings of being diagnosed so young). She continues ongoing hormone therapy for a few more years. Since Alaina's diagnosis, she has made so many connections in the young cancer survivor community.  These relationships truly helped her overcome the psychological and emotional effects of cancer. 

Alaina is now engaged to a crazy ginger from Idaho and they plan to be married 10/23/21 in Columbia, South Carolina.  She has a yellow Labrador named shiloh and a cat named Koa.   

Alaina enjoys kayaking, hiking, traveling, and working out- "I love my Peloton and Orange Theory Fitness"! I am an active leader in my church, Elevation Riverwalk.

Alaina and her Crazy Ginger