BRAVE Ambassador Ashley Libby

Ashley Libby Diaz_edited.png

 Ashley Libby Diaz was diagnosed with ER-positive, PR-positive breast cancer in 2013, at the age of 36, after experiencing searing pain and finding a lump in her right breast during a self exam. After carefully weighing her options, Ashley had a bilateral mastectomy in January 2014, and reconstructive surgery in September 2014. The decision was simple for her. Having a lumpectomy with radiation and needing breast MRIs every six months was not a way Ashley was willing to live. Ashley has not regretted her decision for a single day and is pleased with her result. She credits her plastic surgeon, Richard Mouchantat, MD, with her outcome. “I couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon,” says Ashley. “I was really picky when it came to finding the right surgeon, and I trust Dr. Mouchantat implicitly. 

I've spent 10-plus years in the operating room for my job and really had my radar up. Dr. Mouchantat took the time to not only explain all of my options to me, but also to help me understand what to expect, show me lots of images, and share with me what mattered to him as my surgeon. It was so important in preparing me for what was to come.”


Ashley is medical device marketing consultant and executive with her MBA from the University of Michigan and her BS in Physical Therapy from the University of  Vermont. She lives in the mountains of Colorado and loves to ski, fat bike, trail run, and water ski, amongst many other outdoor activities.