BRAVE Affiliates - Brave

BRAVE is here for you through every step of your reconstructive journey. 

We’ve partnered with some trusted companies that offer innovative products to make you feel more comfortable during the recovery process. When you shop with one of our partners, you’ll get an exclusive discount on your purchase.

All proceeds help benefit BRAVE at the same time!

Recovery care products

RCP provides professional grade healing essentials to help you mend quickly & comfortably. Each item has a unique purpose, designed to aid at a specific stage of the recovery process.

We encourage you to procure these products for yourself (or a loved one) BEFORE your procedure to curb some stress and avoid any post op inconveniences.

You can heal better and feel great knowing 30% of all proceeds are donated to educate & help other patients know their own restoration options after breast cancer surgery.

Use code BRAVE21 at checkout to receive 21% off your purchase!


EZbra was designed by a woman like you who has gone through breast surgery herself. It provides significant medical benefits, reducing the risk of skin injury due to adhesives and supporting drainage and compression needs for post-op care. 

You can change it yourself, and this absorbent, non-adhesive garment is easily disposable. EZbra is tailored to your unique needs so you can be assured of a perfect fit. 

Use code EZBRAVE at checkout to receive 20% off your purchase!