BRAVE has always done more with less ensuring that donor dollars- the very cornerstone of BRAVE's support foundation- are used effectively and efficiently making a positive impact on more breast restoration patients and their families. 



Jen Paquette JPG CEO and
BRAVE Managing Director

Beth Bentley Account Director QooQoo BRAVE Strategic Advisor 

“I understand to the best of my ability mostly due to my traumatic situation and many years of serving the traumatically injured & those that were ill (including an almost unbelievable number of cancer cases) due to their service to our country. When someone is enduring something life threatening like breast cancer, it's beyond overwhelming.  It's not a lack of intelligence or a sign of weakness-not by a long shot.  It's a matter of fighting something you can't see or control.  I liken it to swinging at a mist or a vapor.  It's exhausting and beyond scary.  That's where BRAVE comes in and picks up the sword and shield to fight for you and your family".   - J. Paquette

“In a world where navigating medical insurance and rising costs of healthcare, BRAVE is a much-needed resource that fills an unmet need for woman trying to figure out the breast reconstruction options during a difficult life journey.”   - B. Bentley       

BRAVE Operations

Managing Director, Jen Paquette and her team at  The JPaq Group, are responsible for BRAVE's daily operations and for delivering and maintaining relevant programs for those we serve.  The JPG team handles all development activities ensuring that BRAVE's programs and operations are appropriately funded for forecasted growth and sustainability.  Lastly, Jen works closely with BRAVE's board of directors, board committees and advisors to carry out the board's intent and vision.  

BRAVE Strategic Advisory 

Beth Bentley brings significant healthcare experience to her new role as part of the BRAVE management team. Since earning her undergraduate degree and master’s degree in Marketing Communications, Beth has applied her skills in a range of positions at multiple large healthcare companies,  including: GE Healthcare, Novartis, Smith & Nephew, and Acelity. Beth also has advertising agency experience and has spent the last couple years consulting for multiple  organizations, most notably the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.   Beth plays an integral role operationally and strategically at BRAVE.