BRAVE Ambassador Heidi Herrick

After ignoring an unusual mass for several months, in the spring of 2018, Heidi Herrick reluctantly scheduled a visit with her GP.  The following four weeks was a flurry of tests, ultrasounds, biopsies and the call that no one wants to get, "You have cancer".  Heidi had just turned 38, and certainly didn't fit the mold of a breast cancer patient.  After all, this was supposed to be a menopausal woman's disease.  With an ER/PR + diagnosis, and a BRCA 1 variant mutation, Heidi elected to have a BMX, prior to chemotherapy & rads.  This was not an easy decision, as both a lumpectomy and mastectomy come with their own set of pros and cons but with careful guidance from her general surgeon, Dr. Rajgopal, and her reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Anshu Gupta, she made her decision. 

"It's not a black or white thing," Heidi shared.  "There are risk factors for both, and life long issues that a person has to carry with them, no matter what they decide.  Even with dramatic advancements in genetic testing & data collection, there still was not a clear guideline for someone like me, a woman in her 30s with a BRCA VUS (variant of unknown significance)." Ultimately, Heidi puts her trust in God, and is thankful that He's given her an opportunity to encourage other women facing this same disease.  Heidi is co-Founder of Floodgate Futures, & Sr. Director of FloodGate Medical, a medical device recruiting firm.  She lives in San Diego with her husband, three children and loves to surf, travel and cook.