Board of Directors

Christine L. Grogan — Founder/Chairperson

Executive Director of BRAVE Coalition Foundation

As the founder of BRAVE Coalition Foundation, Christine puts to work over 22 years of healthcare experience. She has held positions in professional and consumer marketing, and sales management at Acelity, Allergan, Pfizer, Parke Davis, and Eli Lilly. Christine manages brands relating to specialty pharma, plastic surgery (breast reconstruction and liposuction) and various medical device areas. Christine has been dedicated to healthcare advocacy for decades. She is a past board member of Flying Doctors/AMREF, former board member of Pink Ribbon Story Foundation, former co-president of Beta Foster Care Orange County, board member of RJW Foundation and a volunteer for African Child Foundation.

Beth Bentley — Strategic Advisor

Healthcare Strategic Marketing and Project Management

Beth Bentley brings significant healthcare experience to her new role as part of the BRAVE management team. Since earning her undergraduate degree and master’s degree in Marketing Communications, Beth has applied her skills in a range of positions at multiple large healthcare companies, including: GE Healthcare, Novartis, Smith & Nephew, and Acelity. Beth also has advertising agency experience and has spent the last couple years consulting for multiple organizations, most notably the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Clayton Daniells — Board Member

CEO & Executive Creative Director, QooQoo

Clay is a long-standing advertising creative and management professional with over 25 years of experience creating, growing and managing brands for pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostics manufacturers. As a founder of QooQoo, he brings a deep understanding of brand engagement and experiential marketing to the digital space. In addition to his work at QooQoo, Clay devotes himself to suicide prevention and is actively involved in the Chrohn’s and Colitis Foundation.

John Gwin — Board Member

Founding Partner, The Auctus Group

Hailing from a background in management at both an outsourced medical billing company as well as a busy plastic surgery practice, John Gwin is the founder of The Auctus Group – a financial and operations consulting firm for exclusively plastic surgeons and dermatologists. John has had the privilege of working with countless of physicians for over a decade now, aiding and assisting them in process, workflow and growth. Aside from multiple speaking engagements with Nextech, ADAM, FFAS and beyond, John also serves in an advisory role with a mobile mohs group, Chicago Mohs, as a Principal at a plastics/derm specific MSO/CIN, Medovate, and is a member of the Young Entrepreneurs Council.

Dianne Martin — Board Member

Aesthetic and Reconstructive Medical Marketing and Sales

With over 25 years of experiences in sales, marketing, strategy and business development the aesthetic and reconstructive health care space, Dianne Martin brings to the BRAVE Board a passion for providing breast cancer and restoration surgery patients with quality education and support. Dianne has forged strong partnerships with the plastic surgery community, specific to breast restoration and provides BRAVE with expert marketing and KOL management.

Zubin Meshginpoosh — Board Member

President & Chief Executive Officer, Santus Labs LLC

Currently serving in the role of President and Chief Executive Officer with Santus Labs LLC, a position he started in 2016, Zubin is responsible for brand development, strategic direction, and oversight of corporate regulatory affairs, governance, product registrations, and quality assurance. He has overseen the company’s product production transition from an existing manufacturing facility to new manufacturing operations, managing the minimization of back orders, raising of inventory levels to bridge the transition gap, and monitoring of employee motivation to ensure no loss of business during this period. Zubin continues to lead business development and brand awareness initiatives to guide the company’s strategic direction, managing supply chain, manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics across all brand and product lines. In addition to his executive career, Zubin’s board and committee experience comprises of seats on the Board of Directors of Santus Labs LLC, Enaltus LLC’s Operating Board, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Strategic Leadership Committee, the American Society for Plastic Surgeons Corporate Leadership Council, and the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery Industry Advisory Council. He serves as an Advisor to a synthetic skincare company and is a Board Member of the charitable organization How I Give Back. Zubin is a mentor to local executives on Career Planning and Career Strategy, and he is a member of the South East Medical Device Association (SEMDA).

Michael Schlamp — Board Member

Consultant, Biotech Commercialization, Aquest Consulting Inc.

Mike has more than 15 years of experience in biopharma commercialization and business development on both the industry side (Actelion, NeurogesX, Acologix) and the consulting side (ZS Associates). He has experience in commercial strategy, market research, forecasting, launch planning, and reimbursement planning for a range of programs from in-line to pre-IND. He has assisted companies ranging from Fortune 100 Big Pharmas to private biotechs across a wide range of therapeutic areas (including, CNS, pain (acute and neuropathic), cardiology, pulmonary hypertension, immunology, asthma/ COPD, nephrology, oncology, neurodegenerative disease, gastroenterology, osteoporosis, and ultra-orphan). Mike has a BS from MIT and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley.