BRAVE (Breast Restoration Advocacy & Education) Coalition Foundation is a national 501(c)3


Aug 8, 2018, Philadelphia, PA. Breast Restoration AdVocacy and Education (BRAVE) Coalition Foundation announces the funding of restorative breast surgery for a patient with a congenital breast deformity. Treatment was provided by Louis Bucky, MD, FACS, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Philadelphia, PA, and the needed implants were provided by Allergan. BRAVE’s mission is to empower and educate women about their right to breast reconstruction when diagnosed with breast cancer or congenital breast deformities. Reconstruction from breast cancer is widely reported; its use in the much rarer cases of congenital breast deformity is less known. BRAVE’s mission includes education and advocacy for restorative rights for these underserved patients, which are poorly understood by both women and their physicians.

BRAVE was recently contacted by a 21-year-old woman (who for reasons of health & privacy remains anonymous), who suffered tremendous bullying and attempted suicide as a result of tubular breast deformity. In this rare condition, as in Poland’s Breast Syndrome, the breasts are highly disfigured, severely asymmetrical, or do not develop normally. BRAVE contacted Dr. Bucky, who volunteered to provide his surgical expertise, and Allergan provided Natrelle INSPIRA® implants for her surgery. BRAVE established a GoFundMe® account to cover additional surgical costs.

“I have the right to feel normal and even more so, beautiful, regardless of the standards that we as women see every day in magazines and on television,” states the BRAVE patient. “Because of BRAVE, on July 30, 2018, my life changed in a way that I’ll never forget. Thank you for making me feel whole as a woman and a mother and giving me the confidence I’ve longed for all of my life. BRAVE truly made my dream come true.”

“It’s incredibly rewarding to play a role in her journey to restore the happiness and comfort she deserves,” says Dr. Bucky.

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About the BRAVE® Coalition Foundation BRAVE® Coalition Foundation was founded in 2013 by Christine Grogan to promote education and awareness of resources regarding breast reconstruction options. In terms of breast congenital deformities, there is no insurance coverage unlike breast cancer reconstruction (WHCRA). For more information about BRAVE, it’s mission, board and services and more information about breast restoration education and resources visit