BRAVE (Breast Restoration Advocacy & Education) Coalition Foundation is a national 501(c)3

PRMA Center for Advanced Breast Reconstruction Joins BRAVE® Coalition Foundation

Celebrating BRAVE Day, Educating and Advocating for Breast Cancer Reconstruction Rights.

“When it comes to breast reconstruction, there is no standard ‘right choice.’ Every individual’s needs are different and so are their reconstructive journeys. Our goal is to ensure each patient makes the right decision for them! We believe shared decision-making is the key to patients feeling confident in their breast reconstruction choices and results,” shares Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo, board-certified plastic surgeon and President of PRMA. “Risks associated with all surgeries should be fully discussed, along with the expected recovery time. Equally important is that the patient shares their preferences, values, and any personal and family factors that can influence breast reconstruction choices. The physician and patient should then decide the best surgical plan together.” Read more…