BRAVE (Breast Restoration Advocacy & Education) Coalition Foundation is a national 501(c)3


Breast Restoration AdVocacy and Education (BRAVE) Coalition Foundation is recognizing their 6th annual “Brave Day” nationally this year in San Francisco. Brave seeks to empower women through educating them of their rights to reconstruction when diagnosed with Breast Cancer. BRAVE is about restoring the whole woman after the diagnosis, and is one of few charities that focuses on “after the diagnosis.”

“At the time BRAVE was founded, there wasn’t a nonprofit that focused attention on breast restoration also referred to as reconstruction,” says Christine Grogan, MHA/EMHL, Founder “BRAVE was started to help women know of their options after breast cancer removal so there could be a positive focus during the next phase of their journey. We call it “restoration” since the end result is women restored to their best self, however they choose.” Read more…