BRAVE (Breast Restoration Advocacy & Education) Coalition Foundation is a national 501(c)3

BRAVE COALITION FOUNDATION announces appointment of two new female board members as the foundation continues to focus on diversity and inclusion support that have survived breast cancer.

SAN ANTONIO, TX, September 7, 2021 – Breast Restoration AdVocacy and Education (BRAVE) a San Antonio based nonprofit is pleased to announce the appointment of two new board members- Ms. Jann Rigell Vice President, Account Management at Envolve Pharmacy Solutions and Ms. Ashley Libby Diaz, Founder of Wren MQ – Medtech Market Intelligence.

Ms. Jann Rigell brings almost two decades of nonprofit board experience and 30 years in the healthcare and pharmacy benefit industries.In addition to holding the position of Vice President, Account Management at Envolve Pharmacy Solutions, Jann serves on the Patient Advocate and Diversity Council of the University of Iowa/Mayo Clinic Lymphoma SPORE and serves as a board member for the Pathlight Home, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides permanent housing solutions for homeless citizens in the greater Orlando, FL area.

Ashley Libby Diaz, PT, MBA Ms. Diaz brings over 20 years of healthcare and marketing experience to BRAVE and is a breast cancer advocate and a young-adult ER and PR-positive breast cancer survivor.This former physical therapist and breast cancer survivor runs her own coaching & consulting practice focusing on strategic branding and marketing and executive coaching to global and growth-stage medtech companies, while continuing to advocate and fight for breast cancer survivors. She sits on the Forbes Communications Council and the Board of Cancer Support Community Southwest Colorado; holds membership to Women Business Leaders of the U.S. Healthcare Industry Foundation and is co-chair of the MedtechWomen Marketing Committee and Digital Orthopedic Conference San Francisco (DOCSF) Ventures.

“We are honored to have these two leaders join BRAVE’s board of directors”, says Jen Paquette, Executive Director of BRAVE.“The professional and personal experience both of these ladies bring to BRAVE is invaluable.We plan to channel both Jann’s and Ashley’s talent, expertise and energy into furthering BRAVE’s mission so that we continue supporting restoration surgeries and therapies for those that would not otherwise have access to these opportunities”, says BRAVE’s Chairwoman and Founder, Christine Grogan.

About BRAVE® Coalition Foundation
BRAVE® Coalition Foundation, was founded in 2012 by Christine Grogan, an industry leader in breast restoration rights awareness to promote education and awareness of resources for breast cancer survivors regarding breast reconstruction options.One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and only around 30% will be offered breast restoration rights and options. BRAVE’s mission is to empower women with education and resources providing choices and opportunities to experience life beyond cancer as her whole self, however she defines it!BRAVE is committed to restoring a life that is brimming with confidence & hope for every BRAVE Breast Cancer Survivor. By addressing the root causes of obstacles in the care system; providing accessible & relevant EDUCATION; and UNITING each survivor to a BRAVE surgeon & other life enhancing resources, BRAVE Coalition promises to relentlessly ADVOCATE for all BRAVE breast cancer survivors. BRAVE is dedicated to educating women about their right to breast restoration surgery following breast cancer treatment.To learn more about or donate to BRAVE® Coalition Foundation, call 505-264-3284 or visit, like BRAVE® Coalition Foundation on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @BraveCoalition.